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hotel 5 star Splendid Hotel,Germany

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hotel 5 star Splendid Hotel,Germany

Situated in a classy, nineteenth-century townhouse in the heart of Munich’s historic Lehel quarter, the Splendid-Dollmann Hotel offers its guests hospitality, sophisticated ambience and a decor that features superb antiques and artworks, which makes guests feel relaxed and contented in a unique atmosphere.

The Acta Splendid was open in 1998 and it is perfectly kept and maintained, it’s the ideal choice for business or pleasure. It’s location makes the hotel a good reason to stay in it, near all the attractives of the city and the public transport.


The Splendid hotel is located in the city centre, in the area of Placa Universitat, 5 minutes walk from La Rambla and Plaa Catalunya. The Splendid has become one of the most popular hotels in this area in recent years.The hotel serves breakfast every day and it’s open daily 7:15h to 10:30h.You can find an easy private parking adjoining to the hotel, wireless Internet in all rooms and in the common areas


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