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Industry that was Egyptian worked another severe setback after crash

industry that was egyptian worked another severe setback after crash

egyptian travel industry dealt another serious blow after egyptair crash

as disaster teams proceed to find debris in the egyptair flight 804 jetliner crash, specialists alert the most recent event is for certain to trigger disastrous difficulties to both flailing vacation business and also the general economy in egypt, where vacation makes up about about 12-percent of the gdp as well as for almost one in eight jobs.even prior to the airbus a320 transporting 66 people crashed in to the mediterranean ocean on friday day, a spate of airplane failures and terrorist assaults during the last eight weeks had motivated thousands and thousands of visitors to reconsider their journey ideas to egypt.a typical of 900,000 visitors were browsing with the nation every month before 31, whenever metrojet trip 9268, a chartered euro airplane, blew soon after removing from el-sheikh airport terminal.

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journey technology disadvantage speakers and start-ups emphasize possibilities

travel tech con speakers and startups highlight opportunities

on may 21, the inaugural journey technology disadvantage, a not-for profit meeting, occured in downtown bay area for several 200 attendees.according to co founder marina janeiko, the target behind the function would be to teach the journey tech neighborhood about rising engineering and support produce possibilities inside the industry.opportunity was a vital concept through the conference particularly the concept there are large possibilities in journey technology, and thus much, the is lagging in benefiting from them.

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Industry that was Egyptian worked another severe setback after crash

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