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Information about the Al Aqsa mosque

The al Aqsa Mosque is the biggest mosque in the world
It is one of site of religious tourism

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The Al Aqsa mosque

firstly The interior designer divided by columns to seven aisles
Also the temple mount is known as the noble sanctuary including all dome,chapels and colonnades
It is the third holiest site after mecca
The whole complex includes fourteen hectares of buildings and domes
Also it comprises one sixth of the walled Old city of Jerusalem
and The al aqsa mosque is a description related to prophet muhammed journey from Mecca to Jerusalem

The mosque is built in the beginning of 8th century
Then it has reconstructed many times
finally The dome dates come back to the 11th century

The Al Aqsa mosque


The temple mount considers the site of the first Jewish temple
Also it is the site of a Christian church is called virgin Mary
And it was burned by Persians in 614

In the 12th century it was used by the crusaders like a royal palace
Then using as the headquarters of the knights Templar
and It includes the wide hall 82 meters
There are seven rows of columns
Also There are no seats inside the mosque
also The payers sit on the expensively carpeted floor
And Every person visits the have to remove their shoes
This habit is not evidence of respect but protection of the mosque
There are minbar and behind the minbar will find a rock
also Originally the Dome of the Ascension
It includes the left footprint of Jesus

Mihrab of the mosques

firstly The mihrab tends the direction of mecca
and The wall, which comes from the south, contains the remains of the original mosque
The mihrab is located close to the small mosque known as Amr Mosque
The mosque is under a large underground hall
and With corridors leading to the original entrance
There are a large building is known like the mosque of the moors
An Australian terrorist tried to burn the al-Aqsa mosque and already covered the south-east wing
The 1,000-year-old mosque was destroyed by Saladin in the 12th century

 The Al Aqsa mosque

firstly The mosque was renovated in 1969
The dome of the mosque was rebuilt from concrete and covered with aluminum
and They focused on the 14th century decorations that cover the dome
also The building was completely rebuilt and technique and trateggio
This is a method uses fine vertical lines for distinguish the original one from others




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