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King Tut : Tut ankh amun’s

 Tut ankh amun’s

 Treasures of King Tut – Tutankhamun’s Jewellery and the Love of a Queen

King Tut – The Boy King’s Treasures

Dr Zahi Hawass talks about some of his favourite artefacts from the Tomb of King Tutankhamun (KV62), including the Golden Mask of King Tut, the External Trappings of the Mummy and the Golden Throne. He speaks of his fascination of the combination of different precious stones and gold incorporated into artefacts, and how Ancient Egyptian art was influenced by religion.

King Tut in Cairo Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

Photo sideshow of the King Tut exhibit to include gold funeral mask and lots of treasures.

King Tut’s treasure

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Tutankhamun’s Death Mask (Rare 360 view)

A rare 360 degree glimpse of King Tutankhamun’s death mask. Take a virtual look inside to see embalming resins. These resins are some of the last remnants of Tut’s mummy after Howard Carter forcefully removed the king’s head/face from the mask in November 1922. Filmed on location at Egyptian Museum, Cairo in April 2002.

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