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Know more about medical tourism in Brazil

We will talk about medical tourism in Brazil in this topic
Brazil is the largest country in Southern and Latin America

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It is one of the fastest growing medical treatments hotspots for Americans
Also it considers a home to foreigners watching world class cosmetic surgeries
and  Brazilian doctor are advanced in this field
The country has emerged with its first JCI accredited hospital

Medical tourism in Brazil

Medical tourism rate in Brazil will reach 45% in the coming five years
Brazil  known as a world’s capital for cosmetic and plastic surgeries
Brazil has many reasons to make it an ideal destination for the medical tourists
1-firstly it products the best medical treatments in Latin America
2-secondly it has also reasonable cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgery packages
3-thirdly there is time for the foreigners seeking medical assistance
4-fourthly doctors have a high level and good skills
5-also medical tourism in Brazil provides world class facilities with the standards of international medical tourist destinations
6-finally It has excellent quality of healthcare service in private hospitals
Popular destinations for medical tourism in Brazil is Sao Paulo medical tourism and Rio de Janeriro medical tourism

Types of treatments in Brazil

above all Brazil is known for treatments like cardiac surgery
Cosmetic& plastic surgery
Dental treatments, dermatology , fertility treatment, general surgery, hair transplant, neurosurgery, weight loss and obesity surgery
Also there is medical equipment such as X-Ray machines
2-MRI for scanning and treating tumors
3-Radiology concept

Health care system and quality

You will find high quality services with substandard ones
And Sao Paulo receives the famous advanced forms of medical technology
And the most qualified health professional
There are also major universities that improve research, teaching and training of medical professionals
Albert Einstein hospital was the first to be accredited by JCI
Healthcare in Brazil is around 60% of Latin American countries
Also the private sector is the first choice for medical tourists
It has the best technology, most qualified healthcare visitors seeking services
The Brazil vision for establishing a public health system under slogan (health for all)

Hospitals and doctors standards

Doctors always try to enter in fierce competition
With increasing developing in technology
Also Brazil has developed a system for forming great healthcare professionals
Such as strict government oversight in licensing for schools, licensing for professionals practice and norms



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