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Know more about the masjid Al Nabawi

The masjid AL Nabawi has the big history therefore we will talk about Masjid Al Nabawi in this topic
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The masjid Al Nabawi

Most Muslims went to the ka’bah in Makkah
The simple cube structure reminds every Muslim of his good and bad action on earth
And it will give mercy and forgiveness from Allah
Also the sight of the green dome makes Muslim’s heart with love
The original name was Yathrib then changing the name to madinah al nabi after the prophet Mohamed migrated from Makkah and settled there
Also muslims considered al madinah al munawwarah
After prophet Mohamed arrived in Madinah , he is embarking to build the Masjid
Also it was a structure equals 98 ft *115 ft
It has mud walls raised over stone foundations
Also the wall made of trunks and branches of palm trees
The prophet Mohamed participated in its construction

There were three doors such as the door of mercy , , ,door of Gabriel and door of woman
Also the qiblah direction was faced the ka’bah in Makkah

It has many phases of expansion
The height was raised to 11 feet
And building an arcade of stone and plaster instead of tree trunk
And the ruler walid ibn Abd al Malik destroyed the old structure and built a new larger in the same place
This place will find the tomb of the noble messenger into the masjid
Also the place between the prophet’s tomb and his minbar is called riyad jannah or garden of paradise

The masjid Al Nabawi

And the ruler al Mahdi enlarged al masjid al Nabawi by extending to the north
And adding 20 additional doors
Also they added eight doors to the east and west walls
Also four were added to the north wall
Al Mansur built a dome over the tomb of the prophet Mohamed
This time was the first in building a dome
it was made of wood and colorless
in other time it was painted white and blue
also al Mansur built an ablution fountain outside of door of peace

in 1481 it happened a massive fire and destroyed much of the masjid
and ashraf sayf al din Qa’tbay rebuilt the east , west and qiblah walls
also replacing most of the wooden base with brick structure to prevent it in the future




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