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las vegas news 31-3-2012

Latest news about the city of Las Vegas 31 – 3 – 2012
News accidents, murder and theft – Las Vegas

Las Vegas city mayor urges more Asian representation

Assuming existing contracts are renewed, Las Vegas soon could play host to four conference tournaments in March

Fergie’s Lavish Las Vegas Birthday Bash

‎Ringing in her 37th birthday in a lavish way, Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson joined friends and family at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on Friday night

Visayas solons back ‘Las Vegas-style’ project

Ben Evardone described as a “welcome development” the plan to put up a “Las Vegas-style” casino and tourism complex in the country. Evardone

JetBlue crew will stay quiet about Las Vegas incident

JetBlue says the crew of Las Vegas-bound flight 191 — which had to make an emergency landing in Texas because of the strange and frightening behavior of its pilot — will remain quiet about the incident.

“We understand and appreciate everyone’s desire to hear directly from the crew regarding their experience, but the crew has decided to decline all media opportunities in order to spend time with their families,” JetBlue Airways

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