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Limo Fire Survivor

One of the survivors of a limousine fire that killed five people on a San Francisco Bay bridge is describing the terrifying moments — and disputing the driver’s version of events of what happened when the limo burst into flames.

With a cut visible on her face, an emotional Nelia Arellano told San Francisco’s KGO-TV that she yelled at the driver to stop the car, but he “didn’t want to listen.”

When the driver, Orville Brown, did finally stop, Arellano says he did nothing to help the women get out of the burning car after he exited.
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                                      Limo Fire Crash

                   Limo Fire Accident



Puy du Fou Birds Birth

The Academy of Falconry Puy du Fou student nearly 500 birds from 80 different species and approximately 80 births per year. The first egg of the 2013 season have hatched a few days ago, two white-tailed eagles, a rarity!
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                                         Puy du Fou Birds

                                Puy du Fou Park




Hıdırellez Ceremony

Hıdırellez or Hıdrellez (Turkish: Hıdırellez or Hıdrellez, Azerbaijani: Xıdır İlyas or Xıdır Nəbi, Crimean Tatar: Hıdırlez, Romani language: Ederlezi) is celebrated as the day on which Prophets Hızır (Al-Khidr) and Ilyas (Elijah) met on the earth. Hıdırellez starts on May 5 night and falls on May 6 in the Gregorian calendar and April 23 in the Julian calendar. It is celebrated in Turkey and throughout the Turkic world. It celebrates the arrival of spring and is a religious holiday for the Alevi as well. Đurđevdan is the Christian variety of this spring festival throughout the Balkans, notably areas which had become under the control of the Ottoman Empire by the end of the 16th century

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                                    Hıdırellez  Celebration


                      Hıdırellez Festival





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