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Learn more about Medical tourism 2019 in Egypt

Medical tourism 2019 in Egypt is considered best sources of national income
Egypt has been accustomed to the presence of tourists inside since the era of Pharaohs
Travel4all was talked about medical tourism in India and religious tourism 2019
also Egypt is one of the most famous tourist places that attract the whole world to it. It has all kinds of tourism
Egypt ranked 58th out of 124 countries in competitiveness

Medical tourism 2019 in Egypt 

Egypt includes mineral sulfur springs that features the unique chemical
Egypt has sulfuric and mineral springs that exceed world proportions
Silt found in sulfur springs and has many therapeutic properties
It can treat bone, digestive, respiratory and skin diseases as well
It also treats rheumatoid arthritis
And also what found in the Red Sea components helps to cure treatment
Among the most famous medical tourism areas are Helwan, Ain Sokhna, Hurghada, Aswan, oases, Sinai and Safaga city

Medical tourism 2019

In ancient Pharaonic times, man believed that an ecclesiastical sent after his death would send another life into eternity
They have done a lot of embalming operations that are looking for their origins in the modern world
Over time, archaeological discoveries emerged that are working on important medical treatment
In Helwan, Fayoum and Safaga
Also these places filled of mineral water, sand and dunes
and It can be treated a difficult diseases
Whenever the state recognizes the therapeutic and medical, the state worked to create more healing places

Natural healing in Egypt

firstly Natural healing is spread in Egypt with mineral and sulfuric water
Vary in its swings, capacity and temperatures
The water contains many salts and minerals such as sodium carbonate, iron and magnesium

Egypt has sixteen locations in natural remedies
For many diseases
The city of Shifa is famous for the Holy Valley, Wadi Mariout and Wadi Al Natroun
Kilopatra and ophthalmic baths  distributed throughout Egypt, reaching 1,356 eyes

Medical tourism in Sinai

It considered a quiet region and low humidity
The water sulfur is suitable for treating diseases with hot sand
There are mosaics, pharaohs and natural herbs and plants
In addition to mild climate and unique location

Medical tourism in Aswan

There is also medical tourism in Aswan dealing with difficult marinas
The hot desert treats joint diseases

Aswan is a small city

also Aswan is a beautiful city and is famous for its natural healing

Do not forget to visit this city

Medial tourism in Helwan

firstly Helwan is a famous city for medical treatment of diseases
They located in Egypt but have international specifications
and This city is very dry and contains minerals and sulfur and treats joints pain
It is a quiet city with a gluten center for sulfur, rheumatism and natural medicine
finally It is a convenient place to treat diseases

The government focused on the water of many hospitals and medical centers





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