Types of tourism

Learn more about sports tourism 2019

Sports tourism is one of the biggest types of tourism
Also sports tourism 2019 are developing Significantly
It was found in ancient time especially in ancient Olympic games

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Sports tourism 2019

Sports tourism mean travelling to play sports and watch sports
Also visiting a sport attraction includes competitive and non competitive activities
Sports tourism includes five main categories
1-sports participation
2-sports content
3-luxury sports tourism
4-sports events
5-sports training
Also there are two definition of sport tourism
Firstly the hard definition of sport tourism means the numbers of people participating
Such as Olympic games, fifa world cup and regional events
It belongs to hard sport tourism
Secondly, soft sports tourism that travel to participate in recreational sporting and leisure sports
Such as hiking, skiing and running
The famous sport refers to sports tourism includes golf especially in Europe and united states

Benefits of sports tourism

This type of tourism involves retaining international national, regional and local sports
1-enhance the local economy
There are in directing spending due to the use of sport facilities and services
Also allowing employment opportunities
And increasing tax revenue

2-improve the area’s image
3-offer entertainment and sometimes you can participate in it
4-raising the quality of life

How does a company participate in sports tourism 2019?

There are many tourism professional are participate in sport tourism
Whether bidding , planning for sport tourism activities
This community involves facility , event planners sponsors and transportation

Resources for community leaders

It includes members that belongs organizations
Is focus on sporting events
Such as sports commissions and convention
Also event owner and suppliers to event industry

Ohio cultural commission is considered a state agency that supervised capital improvement funds that related general assembly and governor in order to plan , construction ,renovation and expansion projects at ohio’s theaters


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