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Let’s know about Abu simbel sun festival

Abu simbel sun festival  considers the oldest Egyptian festivals

Ancient Egypt had many festivals across cities and other holy waters

Festivals were also associated with important agricultural events in the solar year

And also some festivals that worship the God, kings and rulers

Abu Simbel Festival is working so far and you have some important information about it


Abu simbel sun festival

The festival takes place in the temple of Ramses II in two days of each year. The event took place more than 3200 years ago.
It happens that the central room of the temple is lit for a period of time.
The sun perfectly matches the usual interior
Then the meeting will light the statues sitting, including the statue of Ramses,RA,AMUN AND PTAH

The only dark God that stays in the shade

Abu Simbel from one of the rock-cut temples built by Ramses II to his wife

The rocky rock temples are one of the tourist attractions, they represent the accuracy of architecture and construction and  built for the compatibility of rooms with the sun interior

Ramses II is the third Pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty and ruled for sixty-six years.
After the death of the ruler Tutankhamun

and Ramses II built many cities and archaeological sites and conducted successful military campaigns

He controlled the areas and King Ramses  buried in the Valley of the Kings by Luxor


When a abu simbel sun  festival occurs ?

The festival occurs twice a year in October and February.
When the temple of Ramses II was built and the celebration of the sun was celebrated

In October Ramses ascended the throne

The temple was built in conjunction with the inner temples with sunlight

In the 1960s the temple was moved so that they could save the temples from the water and now the temples are far from the water


The sun festival 

above all, The Sun Festival includes a large number of people to watch the sunrise and the contemplation in the magnificent scenery.
Then the tourists participate in dance and singing performances.
These coral are fun, you enjoy music, dancing, food, shopping, and you can also eat food and experience

and You are inside the festival, all your senses look and feel and move.
Much of the astronomy and technology that Egyptians use in construction is discovered.
The festival is organized by the people of Aswan to organize and organize

What are the celebrations held during the Sun Festival?

Local residents and tourists gather before sunrise to see the light and the sun penetrate into the rooms

We can spend a good  time in Abu simbel holidays within a wonderful environments

and Visitors first enter the entrance that is symmetrical and then into the big hall

The hall was paved with ornamented columns and reliefs decorating the walls.
After the morning visitors go to hear the music and eat Egyptian food such as lentil and rice


Abu simbel temples 

The Temple of Abu Simbel is an ancient archaeological temple that attracts tourists from the world countries of Asia, Europe and the Americas

We will talk to you about important information about the temple

The Abu Simbel Temple  located in the west of Aswan city in southern Egypt

UNESCO recognized it as a historic and historical site that attracts tourists from all over the world

The temple has many impressive discoveries

The temple of Abi Simbel  built in twenty-one years and in the reign of Ramses II he wanted to build something huge that expresses for centuries after him

Over the years, many archeological artifacts in the world, including the Temple of Abu Simbel, have disappeared but  it have been obtained from a small child

The child was nicknamed Abu Simbel and the temple was named after him

After finding it, they renovated the temple with stones and modern technological tools.
They also removed parts of the temple and rebuilt it again

The Temple of Abu Simbel contains many details and magnificent small statues

Examples of the integrated crown statues of the sea and the tribal face, two statues in the entrance, the head and trunk of a large statue and prominent on the walls

The Temple of Abu Simbel designed by a person who is adept is three dimensional

The temple has a large black wall showing the four statues

Sunlight penetrates Abu Simbel temple in a distinctive geometric manner and shows the great statue of Ramses II

The entrance to the temple leads to a large hall and on the eastern side there are two similar views of the king and he kills the numbers


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