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Lise Berg Wood Roller Coaster

Liseberg is Associate in Nursing green settled in Gothenburg, Scandinavian country that opened in 1923. Liseberg is one among the foremost visited amusement parks in Scandinavia, attracting regarding three million guests annually. Among the noteworthy attractions is that the wood roller coaster Norse deity, voted doubly (2003 and 2005) because the Best wood caterpillar-travel Roller Coaster within the world in a very major international poll.[1] The park itself has conjointly been chosen joined of the highest 10 amusement parks within the world

                                              Roller Coaster

Lise berg Park Games

Additional to the summer season, the park is additionally open throughout November and December to tourism, albeit with fewer rides in operation, hosting a Christmas market with ancient Swedish preparation like wine and specialties like döner shish kebab made of cervid meat.

                                      Lise Berg Park Fun

Tourism In Lisa Berg

The official colours of Liseberg area unit pink and inexperienced as are often seen on the doorway and also the older homes within the park, the colours were conjointly adopted for the emblem, that was introduced within the Nineteen Eighties.

                                          Tourists In Lise Berg



                               Lise Berg Amusement Park


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