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Lycia a geopolitical region in Anatolia are now the provinces of Antalya and Muğla on the southern coast of Turkey

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Lycia a geopolitical

Lycia was a government region in Asia Minor in what ar currently the provinces of Antalya and Muğla on the southern coast of Turkey, and Burdur Province midland. familiar to history since the records of ancient Egypt and therefore the Hittite Empire within the Late Bronze Age, it absolutely was inhabited by speakers of the Anatolian language language cluster.

Turkey -- Kayakoy -- Lycian Tombs -- Dalyan

Written records began to be inscribed in stone within the Anatolian language language (a later variety of Luwian) once Lycia’s involuntary incorporation into the Achaemenid Empire within the Iron Age. At that point (546 BC) the Anatolian language speakers were decimated, associate degreed geographic area received an flow of Iranian speakers.

Turkey Lycian Tombs

Lycia fought for the Persians within the Persian Wars, however on the defeat of the Achaemenid Empire by the Greeks, it became intermittently a free agent. once a short membership within the Athenian Empire, it seceded and have become freelance (its accord with Athens had omitted the standard non-secession clause),

Entering the theatre at Letoon, Lycia (Turkey).

was underneath the Persians once more, revolted once more, was conquered by Maussollus of Caria, came back to the Persians, and went underneath Macedonian political system at the defeat of the Persians by Alexander the good.


 Lycian Tombs Dalyan


owing to the flow of Greek speakers and therefore the exiguity of the remaining Anatolian language speakers, geographic area was all Hellenized underneath the Macedonians. The Anatolian language language disappeared from inscriptions and coinage.


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