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Medical Tourism in Egypt: a new city to boost Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is one of the most important types of tourism in the whole world.

Moreover, Egypt is seeking to boost this specific type.

Medical Tourism and the new city

Egypt is working on a huge project to invest more than 20 billion Egyptian pounds to build the largest medical tourism city.

Furthermore, the city will be one of the biggest in the Middle East and Africa.

Ammar Mandour, director of the Development Bureau of Badr City, said that the city will greatly assist Egypt’s tourism.

Moreover, he demonstrated that 90% of the project’s investments are Egyptian.

In addition, the preliminary inspection of the project site was conducted.

Medical City will provide the latest medical services and state-of-the-art medical equipment.

He also added that the city would include 13 medical institutions that can accommodate 2,000 beds.

Besides, a medical helipad, an educational hospital and a medicinal plantation.


Who will benefit from the project?

cairo the new medical city
Cairo the new medical city

Mandour said the project is a major national project that will create many job opportunities.

Moreover, all the authorities took the instructions to coordinate and cooperate with each other for the facilitation of the project.

However, Dr. Mohamed Suliman, Secretary-General of the Medical City of Badr University, said that 10% of beds will go to the unfortunate.

In addition, he pointed out that the project aims to provide the best medical services for Egyptians and foreigners.

Besides, Dr. Suliman added that the project would be on approximately 109 acres.

Additionally, the project will be available in the next five years to come.

It will start providing services after 30 months of implementation.

Furthermore, this project will put Egypt at the edge of the most visited destinations for medical tourism.

Egypt has been seeking to be the best amongst all the touristic places in the whole world.

By the time the project launches, it will undoubtedly restore its place as a great destination for tourists again.


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