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Medical tourism in Thailand 2019

Medical tourism in Thailand is the strongest in the world
There are a bumrungrad international hospital in Bangkok
You enter the hospital and feel like a shopping mall in hotels
Also there are twenty one suites for VIP
It considers the largest private hospital in southeast Asia
and It is a tourist attraction in the world

also there are a medical tourism in India 

and travel4all talked about many topics in medical tourism

Medical tourism in Thailand

above all The ministry of health announced 2.5 million medical tourists last year
And the true number to be fewer than 700000 patients
The industry analysts says that the next leading destinations in INDIA and Singapore
Thailand takes 40% of global medical tourism
and Thailand is so popular because it has a thai health care system
And it is an advanced and affordable
Thailand noted it led the Asian competitors in medical service such as India and Singapore

Thailand had thirteen hospitals accredited by joint commission international
and This organization enhances rigorous standards of care
and They said Thailand had more heart surgery than any other country
The medical tourism spread in Thailand because it considers tourists attractions for holiday
This year came to the Thailand 16 million foreign
also There are many patients go to that hospital and clinics hand
There are a development in medical tourism in Asia
But Thailand takes the main competitors with patients tipped
india aims at one million visitors coming from abroad
Singapore aims to promote medical tourism

Tourism in Thailand

It is located on south east Asia
It has a wonderful beaches and royal palace
Also includes ancient ruin and orante Buddha temples
A population of a approximately 67 million
Thailand’s economy reaches 30 ranked world
Also it considers an industrialized destination
And outperform developing countries in the macro-economy
Tourism is the main factor economic in Thailand
It receives more than 25 million people
Thailand has a beautiful destination for many visitors

In beaches and climate and It has a cheap currency
And the government in Thailand oversees the medical services
also It has a three program that must cover its population of citizens
And legal resident
Muay thai is the national sport
It is the main activity for sports tourism
Also elephant tourism is a tourists attraction in Thailand
and In this year Thailand has among the best 10 medical tourism destination
also It welcomes numbers of chinese medical tourists


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