Museum of the traditional Orient in Istanbul

Museum of the Ancient

This is the primary building to the left at the doorway of the archaeological deposit. Originally a college building, it had been reborn into a deposit in 1917, and so progressive between 1963-1973.

Istanbul Museum of the Ancient Orient


The artifacts brought here from Egypt and therefore the geographical area countries that were beneath Ottoman rule before war I, and relics from ancient Anatolian language civilizations comprise a singular and delightful assortment.


The deposit Of the traditional Orient 2 volcanic rock neo-Hittite lions ar placed at the doorway. The Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Anatolian language sections ar on the second floor.


Istanbul Archaeological Museums



a number of the items on show ar artifacts from the previous and new Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian civilizations, the graves of the pharaohs and Arabic place stone, still as Hatti-Hittite and Urartu relics. The deposit incorporates a terribly made and rare assortment of cuneiform inscriptions consisting of seventy thousand tablets

hittite sphinx istanbul

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