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New Jersey on the east coast of the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States of America

New Jersey city

New Jersey is on the geographic region of the middle Atlantic region of the u. s. of America. it’s edged by the ocean to the east, and by the states of Delaware to the south west, Pennsylvania to the west, and the big apple to the north and north east.

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elements of the state square measure suburbs of recent York town, simply across the Hudson River to the the north east, and metropolis, simply across the river on the south west.

New Jersey

Although the foremost densely inhabited state within the nation, New Jersey is acknowledge for its lovely beaches and alternative natural attractions, together with the migratory birds of cape,

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the Pine Barrens, blueberry farms and cranberry bogs, the Delaware gap, a 72-mile leg of the geographical area path and its interurban analogue, the geographic region greenbelt , and also the Palisades.

New Jerseycity

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