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North American Airlines , is subsidiary of Global Aviation

Here is an overview simple of North American Airlines and see the videoNorth American Airlines is a subsidiary of Global Aviation Holdings, Inc., formerly Global Aero Logistics, Inc. Unlike the other airlines that are or were a part of Global Aviation, ATA Airlines (follow )

North American Airlines Boeing 767-300ER


and World Airways, North American was founded after airline deregulation in the United States.

established North American Airlines

North American was established in 1989 and began operations on January 20, 1990. It was founded by Dan McKinnon, former head of the then-Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), mainly to provide feeder services to El Al gateways in North America, and to provide services for Club Med. El Al held a 24.9% stake in the airline until it sold it back to McKinnon in July 2003. It was acquired by World Air Holdings in April 2005.

North American Airlines , is subsidiary

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