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Oakley Pro Bali is An ASP WCT Event for surfing in Keramas , Indonesia

Oakley Pro Bali : An ASP WCT Event

Keramas , Indonesia

An ASP WCT Event officially begun, but if you’re as impatient as we are 18\7  is still a long ways away, which is why we’re glad you’re here.
We have created a 1 kind destination for you to engage with the Oakley Pro. Loose yourself in the stunning surf photography, captivating video entertainment and insightful editorial.


Oakley Pro Bali 2

Oakley Pro Bali ASP WCT Surfing


“Part of the glamour and allure of the World Championship Tour, is the exotic Ways the surfers visit to,” said Ronny Nelson, Oakley Surf games Marketing Manager. “We kept that in mind during the development of this website. In addition to showcasing the super talent of the ASP Top thirty four and the drama of the competition, we also really wanted to bring Bali to life for everyone see the webcast at his house.”

Oakley Pro Bali Surfer

Oakley Pro Bali 3



Oakley Pro Bali Hot News : 


Ashley Greene and Vanessa Hudgens attend Oakley Bali Pro/Learn to Surf event

Starlets Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene were spotted wearing matching black bikinis during Wednesday’s Oakley Bali Pro/Learn to Surf event in Benoa, Bali, Indonesia.

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OAKLEY PRO BALI: DAY THREE Round Two finishes as Tom Whitaker answers all our questions

Three days. Two rounds. To be fair, Thursday morning saw just a pair of heats run before organizers shelved the Oakley Pro Bali for the day…and maybe longer.

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Mid-event analysis of Oakley Pro Bali from Slater, Williams, Robinson and more

It’s still hot. Even at 6am. And the surf‘s not that good again, making for an easy lay day call — especially given the forecast. (More on that tomorrow.)

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Oakley Pro Bali Day 1 Highlights


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