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pbs : Zika virus: California


ladies and also the zika disease: some concerns and solutions

women and the zika virus: some questions and answers

mosquitoes might be among summers nuisances.but those transporting zika, a disease that’s spread through latin america and may be sent within the usa this summertime, are causing public-health alerts particularly among ladies of childbearing age due to zikas tendency to trigger birth defects.the disease has additionally been implicated like a possible reason for guillain barre, an autoimmune condition that triggers momentary paralysis and certainly will lead to lasting nerve injury as well as death.

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zika virus: cdc to deliver quick-reaction groups when instances struck u.s.

zika virus: cdc to send rapid-response teams when cases hit u.s.

six states sarasota, al, az, la, mississippi and tx being viewed closelyteams is likely to be delivered when zika disease starts to become sent locallycdc groups may execute diagnostic tests and function to enhance mosquito-control

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zika virus: california

zika virus: florida

mosquito-control employees would be the front-line within the floor battle against zikamiami-dade region has got the many zika disease instances within the condition to date, with broward at no.2lee region on floridas southwestern coastline stays the absolute most cash per-capita to combat mosquitoes

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