Religious tourism

Religious tourism 2019 in India

Religious tourism 2019 spread all over the world but India is one of famous country in this type of tourism

we talked in travel4all  about  religious tourism
Also India is named the land of faith
The soil of the country makes you in contact with a supreme power
Also there are many temples, churches and mosques
And spiritual encourages many ordinary destinations to significant religious places in india
Now we will talk about famous religious tourism in india

Religious tourism 2019

1-golden temple

The pilgrims visit this famous religious place in india
It belongs to sikh pilgrimage site in india
There are numbers of sikh historical events
This place gives peace more than any other place in india
2-sun temple
This temple is a beautiful of architecture
It is located in konark and odisha
Sun temple has a very big size and wonderful example of genius
It includes the sun god sits on a chariot depicts
And shows the victory of king that defeat many muslim invaders
The architecture has twelve pairs of caverd wheels
Also hall of offering and imposing pyramids roof
Sun temple is the best for tourists

3-Jangannath temple

It is located in Odisha and there is the main presiding over the temple such as lord jagannath, balabhadra and Goddess subhadra
The temple is visited to it from all over the world
People thought the temple of authentic reflection of indian culture

4-Ranakpur temple

It is located in ranakpur village in rajasthan
Also it considers one of the oldest jain temple in india
It is the holy place for prayers
And it has a wonderful architecture and surrounding
You visit to the calm atmosphere when you see the place

5-Hemkind sahib

It is located in hemkund sahib
Also it considers one of beautiful location in india
The place located between nestled amidst lofty hills
Although the different Adverse climatic, the pilgrims visit the shrine

6-Velankanni church

Firstly it is located in the nagapattinam in tamil nadu
This church belongs to the gothic style
The most attractions to church is the construction history of the church
The church is built by Portuguese sailor
It is the main church in india


It is the main centre for the hindus
Also the holy ganga meandering increases sanctity of Varanasi
Every person want to clean their sins
The Varanasi is the best place




Religious tourism 2019 Religious tourism in India Religious tourism in the world
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