Travel in Bosnia and Herzegovina is made easy with the wide range of routes available for transport between cities. By bus, train and plane, you can explore this beautiful country without interruption. The bus is by far the most popular mode of transport between cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A complete list of routes between cities is available and you can find maps on most websites. Train travel is also an option, although the limited number of routes may make it impractical to travel between some cities this way. However, frequent and reliable services can be an attractive option for travelers who want to explore more of the country's top destinations. Last but not least, flying is also a great way to get around Bosnia and Herzegovina. An up-to-date list of routes between cities by air is available on most websites, and can be a quick, cost-effective way to move between cities. So, don't be limited in your travel options. With the range of routes available to you in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can explore the country at your own pace, and certainly make the most of your trip.