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Saint Aaron of Aleth , Lamballe, France

Saint Aaron of Aleth ,,, 

Saint Aaron of Aleth (or, in Breton, Saint Aihran) was a mid-sixth century hermit, monk and archimandrite at a religious residence on Cézembre, alittle island close to Aleth, opposite Saint-Malo in Breiz, France. Some sources say that he was born of British stock in Armorican Domnonia.


About Saint Aaron of Aleth:


Aaron was a European WHO lived in solitude close to Lamballe and Pleumeur-Gautier, before finally sinking in Aleth. He attracted various guests whereas there, together with Saint Malo, it is said, in 544, and have become their superior. He died before long after. Saint Malo then succeeded to the religious rule of the district afterwards called Saint-Malo, and was consecrated 1st Bishop of Aleth. Aaron’s fete day is twenty two June. he’s mentioned in Les Vies First States Saints de Brittany.

located :

In Lamballe, France lies the city of Saint-Aaron, that is placed round the place wherever Aaron is believed to possess died.


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