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Sharm el-Sheikh Excursions in 2019

Sharm el-Sheikh Excursions became one of the most important places to spend your holiday
A large number of locals and foreigners travel for a good and enjoyable time there
Sharm Excursions are one of the first options. Sharm El Sheikh is a picturesque city with beaches, magnificent beaches and water
In addition to rare animals and plants there are coral reefs and scenic views
Sharm el-Sheikh is therefore a major tourist attraction
There is a statistic that ranks Sharm El Sheikh in the first place in terms of the number of tourists coming to it

Sharm el-Sheikh Excursions


Sharm El Sheikh is located in the far south of Sinai.
When Sharm el-Sheikh spread, diving and camping activities appeared in the vast desert.
Sharm El Sheikh Excursions are now filled with activities and luxury hotels with a high standard
Sharm el-Sheikh is the most important thing you can find during your day. At night there are restaurants and tourist bazaars
Shops and leisure facilities
In the morning you can hear the mild weather, the wonderful and wonderful winter and various sports
It is a picturesque area to visit in Sharm El Sheikh

Naama Bay

Naama Bay is one of the most popular places in Sharm El Sheikh.
You can walk and shop there
And watching the Arab environment and distinctive Arabic music
This name comes from Hebrew and its meaning is fun and is very suitable for the place and what happens in it
It also houses a number of shops, cafés, restaurants, discos and the surrounding area
Everything you want to see will be there
We recommend you go there and watch the real fun that prevails in the place

Hadaba of Om El Seed

It situated on a high peak, this plateau is a new and enjoyable experience
As well as recreational places and places of residence and office
The Sharm El Sheikh Post Office and the Communications Center also have popular restaurants offering great oriental dance performances

Sharm El Maya

The bay has many private yachts and any tourist can hire a boat to see the magnificent coral reefs
And visit the National Reserve Ras Mohammed, which is very attractive to tourists
There is also the old market with a number of hotels, cafes and shops and you can buy souvenirs from there

Aqua park

It is the famous water sports cities there and are considered tourist attractions
You go and your family to enjoy water and water adventure
There are 44 waterfalls and swimming pools are a wonderful recreational area

View Dolphin and Crocodile

This activity is a special activity in Sharm El Sheikh. You can hear rollerblades, dolphin shows, take pictures and swim with them
As well as offers crocodiles related and offers toys with fire and live snakes
After watching the dolphins go to the Museum of stuffed animals
And the opening dates of offers 8.30 pm

Thousand and One Nights

Sharm Excursions will give you what you want in holidays
Is a closed entertainment complex with a special attraction and security of charming places in Sharm El Sheikh
There are many paragraphs and performances and musicals
There are shopping malls where you can buy wonderful souvenirs
Dates of presentations from 10pm to 1am
The time for viewing is two hours

Soho square

Inside the field there are high quality items and great art performances
Enjoy outdoor air there and stroll around and buy your souvenirs
In the center of the square you find a wonderful water fountain
And dates of presentations from 9pm to 3am
Race cars
This place is full of ambience that takes you on a thrilling adventure
You drive, wear your outfit and lead the latest cars in the race

The glass boat

You enter the submarine and see all the inventions, marine creatures and beautiful coral reefs around you

Mount St. Catherine

Sharm El Sheikh From the very special trips you climb the highest mountains and you can visit the St. Catherine protectorate
So you can enjoy seeing wildlife and the desert environment

Ras Mohammed Reserve

it Is a major tourist attraction in Sharm El Sheikh Excursions   and comes to delegations from all over the world
They see the terrain, sea creatures, white sand and blue water
You can dive there and this area is very popular in Sharm
Working hours of the reserve from 7am to 4 pm

Colored Canyon

The valley is located in the north of Sharm El Sheikh
This valley comes for both diving and pleasure lovers
You can see the wonderful marine life and gradual coral reefs
We advise you to go with your camera to keep your souvenirs

The blue hole

Is one of the largest dive sites in Sharm El Sheikh and attracts many of the owners of adventure and challenge, a deadly blue hole and there is a sea and a hole to reach the sea of Sharm El-Sheikh quiet must be a professional diver to be able to penetrate


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