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Sydney Opera House in Australia

Sydney Opera house is one of the popular places in Australia
Also Travel4all was talked about kinds of tourism and best tourist attraction in Australia

Sydney Opera House

It is located on port Jackson in Australia
Also it is a series of gleaming white sail shaped
In Australia in 1947, an orchestral band leader identified the need to build a musical facility whose aim would be to become the home of the symphony orchestra as well as opera groups and musical singing
The government agreed to become a cultural capital city
In 1954, an advisory groups set up to build the opera house to select and build the site
In 1956 the government sponsored for a design that was build with two halls
Such as one for concerts and other large musical and dance productions
Also dramatic presentations

Architects submitted 233 entries from 30 countries
The winner  called jorn utzon
He has a distinctive design that appears as a complex between two main rooms side by side for facing the ports on a large podium
Each hall  began with a row of sail shaped interlocking panels
They will use whether roof and wall
It is also prepared for ready-made concrete

Sydney Opera House

This designer has an international fame
There is an innovation nature of the design
The existing P layout opened in Australia at the following time January 26, 1963
But faced a lot of difficulties in structural engineering in the implementation of the design
The opening was delayed and the project became controversial and there were disagreements with the government until construction continued until 1973
Under the supervision of the structural engineering firm Ove Arup and three partner
Also in 1999 Utzon redesigned the former reception hall
And reopened in 2004 as well the utzon room
Also it is used for receptions, seminars and other meeting

After two years a new colonnade was completed
But the first alteration to the opera house exterior since 1973
The opera house is the best landmark in Sydney
The seat concert hall receives 2679 seats
And including popular music shows, opera and dance performances
Also opera theatre seats over 1500 people
There are three theatres for stage plays, film screening and musical performances
The building includes restaurant and professional recoding studio
Finally in 2007 the opera house was choose one of UNESCO world heritage site




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