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The Grand Egyptian museum in Egypt

Grand Egyptian museum Is one of the museums expected to open soon

The museum is located west of Cairo near the pyramids of Giza

Firstly, The aim of the construction of the Great Egyptian Museum is to be one of the largest museums ever

and The museum was built to accommodate millions of tourists a year

It also has commercial services, a restoration center and a museum garden

and The museum garden was very well known in ancient Egypt

The project was funded at $ 550 million

Japan also contributed significantly, a soft loan

The museum will contain 100,000 artifacts From the Pharaonic, Roman and Greek eras

Grand Egyptian museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum is located near the pyramids of Giza and is designed in the form of triangles

and Each large triangle is followed by a smaller triangle, according to Polish tradition, based on the infinite division of the triangle

and The area of the Grand Museum is 100,000 meters

The spaces  divided into a library, a conference center and a research center

There are also restoration laboratories, a three-dimensional cinema and other places to serve visitors

Restoration Center

The center is located on an area of 32 thousand meters
It is below the level of the surface of the earth by ten meters

There is a tunnel between the restoration center and the museum through which the effects are transferred

And the restoration contains nineteen different laboratories

Among the important laboratories:

Ceramic, Glass and Metal Laboratory This factory specialized in the restoration of pottery and sculptures

and The wood lab is a factory that specializes in any wooden pieces examples of coffins and wooden models

also The stone factory is special for stone artifacts

The microbiological laboratory  specialized in the types of small living organisms that cause damage

and The mummies and human remains are special for the restoration of mummies such as ibis and other birds

The electron microscopy laboratory  related to the processing of samples and chemicals


Great stairs

the main entrance to visitors to the museum and includes this staircase to the statue of Ramses and the statues of Senusrt and some other statues

There is an area between the museum and the pyramids

This area will transport visitors from the museum to the Al-Ahram area

and There are restaurants and shops ranging from restaurants to 20 restaurants and shops to eight

And a hotel with thirty rooms

The museum cost $ 550 million from the Egyptian ministry, $ 300 million from Japan and $ 150 from other donations

and The project consists of three phases and is expected to open in 2022


The first stage

firstly, Is the stage of processing designs and drawings technical and engineering.

The initiator of the project from the beginning of the former Egyptian President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak.

therefore The project entered into an international architectural competition to design the large museum to be the largest museum of Egyptian antiquities.

83 countries and 1557 projects participated in the competition

And the awards amounted to 750 thousand dollars and study the project took three years and cost two million dollars

The first stage includes four stages:

firstly, Pre-design stage is welcoming engineering and technical study and the discovery of elements and components

secondly, The second stage is the implementation of drawings and also includes the beginning of construction and construction

thirdly,  The third and important stage is the detailed design of the project from all aspects, both in terms of museum details and quality and other privileges

fourthly,Prepare and evaluate the entire collection by specializations


The second stage

firstly, This stage of the construction work is a continuation of the first stage.

They built a repair center and power plants and contained central air conditioning boxes and also used for emergency.

And another fire extinguishing station used for fire resistance.

Antique stores and full funding came from the Supreme Council of Antiquities

The second stage includes three stages

This phase is the stage of evacuation and rehabilitation of the site and the elimination of irregularities

And also work on building walls to protect the property

They also paved the roads and set up a safe site to transport the Ramses statue.

They added to the site gates and insurance systems

The third stage is the contract with the executing company and the construction of the repair center and the power station and firefighting

The final stage of the second phase is the processing of the restoration center and its important equipment and the processing of archaeological artifacts to be placed in the museum halls


The final stage

firstly This stage consists of two phases:

The first is the construction of the building on an area of 108 thousand square meters and then building buildings for the museum and galleries, the Museum of scientists and the three-dimensional and the library and the archaeological museum and the child

A museum with special needs, a cultural and educational center and a center for arts and crafts













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