The Louvre Museum in Paris History and Collections

Louvre Museum in Paris is one of the most popular museums in the whole world.

Moreover, it is one of the most touristic destinations.

Louvre Museum in Paris History

The Louvre was originally built as the Louvre castle in the late 12th to 13th century under the rule of King Philip the second.

Moreover, it was a fortress back at that time, and then it transformed into the well-known museum.

However, Charles V transformed the palace through the middle ages into a residence.

In 1546, Francis I renovated the site in the French Renaissance style.

In addition, he acquired what would become the core of the Louvre’s acquisitions including Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

After Louis XIV chose Versailles as his residence in 1682, constructions slowed.

However, this move allowed the Louvre to be a residence for artists, under Royal patronage.

Moreover, during the French revolution, the louvre transformed into a public museum.

In addition, it was for bringing together famous monuments of all the known sciences and arts.

In 1792, the louvre museum in Paris became a national property after Louis XVI was imprisoned.

Afterwards, the museum opened its gates for visitors on 10 August 1793, on the first anniversary of the monarchy’s demise.

The Museum’s Collection

The Louvre museum has more than 460,000 pieces of art and displays more than 35,000 pieces in various departments.

Moreover, there are many of them Egyptian along with some Greek and Roman pieces.

In addition, the museum has also some sculptures as well as paintings and drawings.

Furthermore, all of these antiquities are into departments in order to have them sorted for the visitors.

The Egyptian department has more than 50,000 original pieces including the seated scribe from Saqqara, Egypt.

the seated scribe
the seated scribe

Moreover, the Greek and Roman department has many antiquities such as the Nike of Samothrace.

the Nike of Samothrace
the Nike of Samothrace

Additionally, the painting department has one of the most popular paintings in the whole world the Mona Lisa.

the Mona Lisa
the Mona Lisa

It also has more than 7,500 art pieces from the 13th century to the 18th century.

Therefore, the Louvre museum is one of the most famous museums in Paris.




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