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The Puerto Rico Tourism Company

RICO business Company

The Puerto RICO business Company was created throughout Governor Luis A. Ferré’s administration to coordinate the selling and growth of Puerto Rico’s business sector. it’s ruled by a Board of administrators appointed by the Governor of Puerto ANd Corrupt Organizations Act|RICO Act|RICO|law} with recommendation|the recommendation} and consent of the Senate of Puerto RICO and an administrator appointed by the Governor with the Senate’s advice and consen


Over the years, it’s confiscate many tourism-related government functions, like the regulation and direction of building casinos and of taxis. It conjointly licenses little hotel, called a Parador, beneath the “Paradores of Puerto RICO Act Program”.

PRTC is headquartered at the building that housed the previous “La Princesa” jail. additionally to PRTC offices, La Princesa conjointly homes associate picture gallery named once former PRTC executive Miguel Domenech that options the agency’s aggregation furthermore as alternative exhibits.



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