The Science Museum all kinds of science from the dawn of time to modern day marvels in London

The Science Museum

The museum covers all types of science – from the dawn of your time to modern-day marvels, with operating exhibits and push-button displays.


The Energy Hall on the bottom floor concentrates on the machines that kick-started the commercial Revolution – just like the Puffing Billy and parliamentarian Stevenson’s Rocket.


Science Museum, in London



A fun section within the basement deals with the everyday objects that we tend to continuously regard granted, like laundry machines and kettles. It additionally plays host to a series of inventions that didn’t build the grade – and invitations you to guess their intention. (Not continuously easy!)
Exhibits at the museum

The Flight Gallery on the third floor may be a should for aviation fans. each spare house is haunted with airplanes and helicopters suspended from the ceiling – from the earliest flying machines to contemporary rockets.


Two of the highlights ar John Alcock’s Vickers Vimy – the primary craft to fly non-stop across the Atlantic – and Amy Johnson’s lymantriid.

There is additionally a simulator for the youngsters, and a life-size simulation of the Greek deity ten module.

The 3 floors of the Wellcome Wing touch upon latest technology, nucleonics, and therefore the latest advances in medication. you’ll additionally follow at the side of stories within the scientific press, and see Francis Crick’s model of polymer.

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