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Top 4 beautiful places in Seoul

One of the beautiful places in Seoul is Bau House
And Changdeokgung palace
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Beautiful places in Seoul

This city collects between fashion and technology forward
It also has a traditional character as palaces, temples, cutting edge design and mountain trails

The design

Seoul is considered a civilization city
Also it worked to have industrial hard edges into
Ideal parks, culture and design
And it features Manufacture of glass, concrete and steel
There are many beautiful green spaces and cycle routes
Also landscaped parks alongside the Cheong gye stream and the Han River
You can spend time with shopping in stylish boutiques
And drinking at cafes

Historical places

The population of the city is 10 million people
While You are from atop any of Seoul’s four guardian mountain, you will be happy
History catches to the miracle on the Han (a phoenix arisen from the ashes of the Korean War)
This city focuses on the future
There are also Jongmyo shrine, it is located between the graceful hanck in Bukchon
This city is opened all days whether day or night
You can visit a palace tour and gallery hopping in Samcheong-dong
Time is always available for you to enjoy the night at exhibitions, shopping, watching concerts and dancing
Feel free to visit the city

We suggest that you travel behind the walls of the city to see a demilitarized city
Which separates South and North Korea, as well as the strong day-trip to the west


Beautiful places in Seoul
Beautiful places in Seoul

It is located nearby hapjeong station
Also in includes from small to large size dogs
And Bauhaus provides a pet hotel from more than seven days
Also you can enjoy playing with cuties dogs all days
The menu involves kimchi fried rice, toast and coffee

Changdeokgung Palace

Beautiful places in Seoul
Beautiful places in Seoul

It is one of the best palace in Seoul and the largest
Also you can visit the secret garden
From this 600 year old UNESCO world heritage site
It’s as famous for its beautiful architectural
It is a fantastic palace much more interesting than the larger one

The war memorial of Korea

Beautiful places in Seoul
Beautiful places in Seoul

It is a wonderful museum in Seoul
Also you can see relies, aircraft , uniform and videos of the Korean War
It is consider a best war memorial and museum
This museum focus on a the Korean war

Myeongdong Nanta Theater

It provides a very fun performance
It’s one of Korea’s longest running performances
Also it includes cooking show , martial arts and add a dash of audience participation

Beautiful places in Seoul
Beautiful places in Seoul




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