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Top 8 adventures travel in Georgia


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Adventures travel in Georgia

Georgia is one the beautiful countries in the world

You can practice many activities such as walker, horse riders, cyclists and rafters

It features to birthplace of wine

Its people are distinguished by hospitality and love of life

Now we will talk about the important places in Georgia


1-Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island


This place is great and wonderful to explore

It includes drifted wood and gnarled branches

You can practice many activities as exploring, swimming, running and hiking

There is a picnic area, car park, playgrounds and a football complex

2-Hike Arabia Mountain


This trip is ideal in Atlanta

And consider wonderful mountain summits

It is filled with wildlife, glass lakes, vast fields and rocks

You can go hiking and cycling


3-Camp on Cumberland Island


You can feel that is special place

Also hopping off of the short boats

And there are a trail crosses the island to the eastern shore until explore the island

The best trail is parallel trail


4-Amicalola falls


It is one the most popular state parks in Georgia

Also the tallest cascading waterfall in the southeast

And the trail leads from the park to springer Mountain




It is a wonderful haven

And day trippers day of fun and comfortable

They is useful for an individual families and large groups

Also have a huge pool and can hold 3500 bathers at one time

There are many activities such as fishing and boating


6-Cloud canyon state Park


It is one of famous parks in the state

Also cottages are situated near the canyon edge

There are  also office gift shop for hiking sticks, camping supplies and toys and more

It also includes a 600 step staircase


7-Banks lake national wildlife


Banks lake national is quiet cypress filled lake with a beautiful atmosphere

You will gain Wildlife experience

There are also hornet nests that should be used with them


8-hike to hurricane falls


It offers views of beautiful waterfalls roaring through 1000 ft deep gorge

The hike consists of a grouping of stairs

The visitors can enjoy the beautiful view

Also there are 310 stairs from the trailhead to a suspension bridge










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