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Top 8 famous tourist destinations in Africa

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famous tourist destinations

In the beginning , The world is filled with so many important places and the famous.

Destinations that you should visit and enjoy, please do not forget to visit.

Now we are talking about eight famous tourist  destinations in Africa:


Bostwana located with the borders south Africa and   Nomibia  , you see the best in

Botswana, You have to enjoy a safari holiday .The big game and beauty famous  destination , you can enjoy .

It performs an accommodation for guest  . In the other hand  , you have to check the

embassy to know the best.


Firstly, Lesotha is the wonderful in Africa  ,so the couples visit the Lesotho for spending a

quality time .

Secondly,  It considers a sunny and wonderful park .No resistance are the national park.

Thirdly, the visa is very important to visit and the currency is ( loti ).


Above all, you could not find a word to describe what do you see in morocco.

The main and famous  destination  are  in Africa.

The desert tour is going to spend at sixteen days.

Although there are a lot of tours in Morocco , you have to complete the trip with Djamma.

You should attend a festival scared   music , in order to listen an African culture music .

The guests come from Switzerland  and Canada.

4- Reunion Island

It is the most island likes a paradise.

There is  an natural sight to enjoy   , remember that there are a lot of activities .

The most famous country comes  from   south Africa and austral.

Nation that  visit Reunion island without a visa such as Canada and USA, but Africa will pay to visit.

5- São Tomé and Principe

The famous tourist  destination and beautiful is there  . you can practice a diving and fishing.

People visit the island In July and September .

The accommodation is available I this island ,so you have a lot of choice to stay in it .

6- South Africa

If you visit a South  Africa , you will enjoy a summer .

The Indian ocean is warm to enjoy .

The best of viewing is in the Western cape.

Accommodation is better than any one else .

, so you spend a wonderful time and appropriate prices .

A visa requires to enter the country .

7- Zanzibar

Many travellers can visit this destinations .

There are a panorama ocean hotels on the  shore .It has  a coral reefs and fish for

watching and diving .The flight will take a thirty minutes from stone town.

In the other hand, the island called green  island   , because it is really the beautiful island.

People speak swahill .


Family holiday is in an east African paradise.

You see a wildlife and island.

It the most trip in  Africa  , you will visit Kenya in October and march.

There are a lot off activities such as a  beach rolling and dunes .

You will a break from stressful and spend a nice air with friends .

In the end, visiting the eight  famous destiantions   in Africa will have fun and adds to you .

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