tour in Museum George Condo an American contemporary visual artist in NEW YORK usa

George Condo

George home is associate degree yankee modern visual creative person operating within the mediums of painting, drawing, sculpture and artistic production. home has occupied a distinguished position within the art world for near 3 decades.

George Condo at New Museum New York

In the early Eighties once he emerged within the East Village art scene, home coined the term Artificial Realism, “the realistic illustration of that that is artificial,” to explain his mating of ancient European painter painting with a sensibility privy by yankee.

George Condo

Pop.Along with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, home was instrumental within the international revival of painting from the Eighties onward.Condo’s work has been potent to several artists of his generation and also the generation that followed him, as well as Nigel Cooke, Sean Landers, John Currin, Lisa Yuskavage and Glenn Brown.

George Condo at the NEW MUSEUM

Condo studied humanistic discipline and Music Theory at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell. Throughout his adolescence he studied stringed instrument and composition whereas following his womb-to-tomb interest in painting and drawing.


George Condo The Cracked Cardinal

once 2 years at UMass Lowell he enraptured to capital of Massachusetts wherever he worked during a silk screen look and joined proto-synth/punk band the ladies with abstract painter Mark Dagley, avant garde musician Daved Hild and Robin Amos, initiation member of DE sac|dead end|passage} de Sac.

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