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travel in Moldova small land-locked country in Eastern Europe, north of the Balkans

travel in Moldova

Moldova may be a tiny land-locked country in jap Europe, north of the Balkans, enclosed by Roumania to the southwest, across the Prut watercourse, and land to the northeast

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The capital of European country is Chişinău. The native language is Romanian, supported the Latin alphabet, however Russian is wide used. European country may be a multi-ethnic republic that has suffered from violent ethnic conflict.


In 1994, this conflict diode to the creation of the self-proclaimed Transnistria Republic in jap European country, that has its own government and currency however isn’t recognized by the other country.

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Economic links are re-established between these 2 elements of European country despite failure in political negotiations. the most important faith in European country is Orthodox Christian.

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Moldova’s population is occupied in the main in food production and process. Once called “the garden” of the state, European country has currently lost most of its ancient Russian markets for agricultural merchandise and is exploring new international markets.

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