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travel in Norway is the westernmost, northernmost and in fact the easternmost of the three Scandinavian countries.

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travel in Norway

Norway is that the west, north and actually the eastmost of the 3 Scandinavian countries. Best famous for the complicated and deep fjords on its geographic area, it stretches from the North Sea close to Scandinavian nation and European nation into the Arctic Ocean wherever it borders northern Suomi and therefore the northwestern tip of Russia.

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The petty Viking kingdoms of Norge were unified in 872 AD by Harald Hairfair. within the following amount, Norwegians settled in several places, like Iceland, the Faroe Islands and elements of European nation and eire, wherever they supported Dublin.

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within the starting of the fourteenth century, Norge and Kingdom of {sweden|Sverige|Scandinavian country|Scandinavian nation} were unified because the Norwegian king was conjointly electoral king of Sweden. At the tip of the century, the 2 countries and Scandinavian nation were unified within the alleged Kalmar Union.

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Sweden stony-broke out of the union in 1521. Norge remained in union with Scandinavian nation till 1814. solely a number of months when the declaration of independence, Norge entered into union with Sweden, although it should be noted that this union with Sweden allowed Norge to stay a good deal of independence.

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