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travel to la paz bolivia Bus tour in South America It is the highest national capital in the world

la paz bolivia in South America

La Paz is that the body capital of Bolivia, whereas Sucre is that the constitutional capital and also the seat of the Supreme Court. La Paz was established in 1548, and is within the chain. Altitude of town ranges from regarding four,058 m (13,313 ft) higher than water level in El Alto (where the aerodrome is located) to three,100 m (10,170 ft) within the lower residential district. it’s the very best urban center within the world.


 La Paz The City of Peace


The sight from the air joined flies into La Paz is unimaginable. First, one sees the sprawling shantytowns of El Alto, slowly giving thanks to the sight of l. a. Paz itself, clinging tenuously to the edges of what feels like an outsized gash within the earth.

Bolivia – La Paz,Bus tour – South America


La Paz was in-built a ravine created by the Choqueyapu watercourse (now largely designed over), that runs northwest to southeast. The city’s main route, that roughly follows the watercourse, changes names over its length, however the central tree-lined section running through the downtown core is termed the Prado.

 La Paz The City of Peace night


La Paz geographics, specially the altitude, reflects the city’s society: the lower you go, the additional affluent. whereas several upper-middle-class paceños sleep in high-rise condos close to the middle, the very made homes square measure placed within the lower neighborhoods southwest of the Prado. the rationale for this division is that the lower you move into town the milder the weather is. and looking out up from the middle, the encompassing hills square measure plastered with makeshift brick homes of these troubled within the hope of 1 day reaching rock bottom.

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