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travel to Nordkapp high cliff rising above the Arctic Ocean of Europe

travel to Nordkapp

Nordkapp a 307 m (1007 ft) high drop-off rising on top of the Arctic Ocean. Nordkapp is promoted because the northenmost purpose of Europe, this is often but not true. The neighboring purpose Knivskjellodden is really one,457 m (4780 ft) additional north.

Midsummer Trip to Nordkapp

Some 200,000 tourists visit annually, throughout the 2 to 3 months of summer. The city Honningsvåg is thirty four klick south of Nordkapp. associate degree [*fr1] hour drive by automotive. The atmospheric phenomenon is also enjoyed fourteen May-29 Gregorian calendar month, unless it’s a cloudy night.

Nordkapp travel

Nordkapp – The North Cape, the North foreland has forever been a widely known a very important purpose of orientation for all boats and ships. The rock has had an excellent sort of names and it had been solely within the middle sixteenth century that it had been given the current name.

Travel to Nordkapp

In 1553 a English commander, Richard Chancellor passed Nordkapp and named the drop-off as Nordkapp, the North Cape. From that point, it’s been referred to as Nordkapp. At that point it wasn’t precisely the center of interest.

trip Nordkapp

however solely one hundred years later, the primary “tourist” was rumored to own climbed up to the highland. He was associate degree Italian priest referred to as Fransesco Negri. It took him quite 2 years on foot, by boat, on horseback, on sleighs and on skis. In 1664, finally having reached his destination, he noted in his travel log: “Here i’m currently on the North cape, at the intense tip of Finnmark, extremely at the top of the world”

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