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travel to Scandinavia European region north of the Baltic Sea is the largest region in Europe

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Scandinavia or, a lot of loosely, Nordic Europe, could be a European region north of the sea. At virtually one.2 million sq.

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kilometres (463,000 sq. miles) it’s the most important region in Europe, however home to solely around twenty four million folks, accounting for a mere four wheel drive of the population.

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There is a relentless and long-standing contention between Copenhagen and Stockholm over that town will claim the title as Scandinavia’s unofficial capital.

Scandinavia travel

reckoning on however you count, each cities square measure the most important, most visited, and also the target of most investment. However, once the completion of the Øresund bridge, and later integration of Copenhagen and Malmö – Sweden’s third largest town, this region is quick rising because the main urban centre in Scandinavia, whereas Stockholm arguably grabs the title because the most stunning.

 Scandinavia travel

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