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Travel:Europe tour and all new news video and photo in 5/12/2013

Riches of Catalonia

Riches -Catalonia

When travelling, have you ever wished you could get out of the city and discover what lies beyond without the hassle of rental cars and dodgy maps? I do, all the time. So, on a recent trip to Spain, I make a conscious effort to find out what riches Catalonia has to offer besides those we know and love in Barcelona….read more

A golden age of cinema


A golden age -cinema
Cannes’ majestic Barriere is the kind of place Jay Gatsby would stay at. In a suite resplendent with elegance and luxury, he could recline in bed and look out at the red carpet of the Palais des Festivals et des Congres, where, on Wednesday, he would see Leonardo DiCaprio opening the Cannes Film Festival with The Great Gatsby…..see more

Travel: EasyJet ready to connect the Azores with the rest of Europe – Portugal


Travel- Europe
Javier Gandara, Easyjet general manager for Portugal and Spain, has stated recently that the London (UK) based airline is ready to open up a route to the Azores as soon as it gets approval from the Regional Government, as happened with Madeira… more

The case for bringing adventure back into adventure travel


Author and adventure travel pioneer Richard Bangs gave this keynote below at the European Travel Commission’s 2013 Transatlantic Conference in New York City earlier in the week, about the history of adventure travel in Europe and why we need to bring the real sense of adventure back into travel in a recession-prone Europe, which also speaks to larger issues of sanitization of tourism on a broader level. We have reprinted his keynote with permission… more


Switzerland HD Travel


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