treasure trove Deep beneath the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt’s ancient capital Alexandria lies a wealth of archaeological artifacts

treasure trove in Alexandria

Deep to a lower place the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt’s ancient capital Alexandria lies a wealth of archaeologic artifacts. it is a treasure hoarded wealth of twenty,000 objects and enumeration, thousands of years previous providing archaeologists the key to unlocking the mystery of ancient Egypt and its rulers.

Amazing Underwater Art

One of them is that the last Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. Legend has it that once the Romans entered Egypt in thirty BC and when losing the Battle of Actium, female monarch and her lover Antonius took their own lives so as to avoid being captured by their enemies.

Alexandria: Underwater Museum


The Romans scattered their belongings and their grave has ne’er been found. Archaeologists but have isolated 3 sites in Alexandria wherever they believe the grave is found.

underwater museum in Alexandria


But the royal quarters that embody a palace and temple advanced wherever female monarch is believed to own reigned from are discovered. Previously, these sites were thought to own been enveloped up and lost quite one,600 years agone. consistent with Abraham Darwish, General Director of museums in Alexandria, the quarters square measure from the time of “Ptolemy once the realm was controlled and dominated by female monarch in twenty five BC still because the Roman amount in 643 AD,” he told fundamentals News.

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