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trip Austria a land locked alpine German speaking country in Europe bordering Switzerland

trip Austria

Austria may be a land secured alpine German speaking country in Central Europe bordering Suisse and Liechtenstein to the west, Deutschland and European nation to the north, European nation and European country to the east and European country and Italia to the south.

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Austria, at the side of neighboring Suisse, is that the winter sports capital of Europe. However, it’s even as standard for summer tourists WHO visit its historic cities and villages and hike within the glorious scenery of Alps.

Austria travel

Today’s European nation is what was once the German speaking core and centre of power for the big social Austro-Hungarian Empire with its imperial capital in Vienna. This empire stretched eastward from contemporary European nation through abundant of eastern and south-central Europe.

Moststrasse – Cider Route, Lower Austria

It enclosed the whole territories of recent day European country, the European nation, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and parts of geographical region, Romania, Ukraine, European country and Italia. whereas Preussen united the German states to the north by force into one “Germany” within the latter a part of the nineteenth Century, European nation remained familiarised eastward towards its numerous empire.

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However, from the beginning of the twentieth century, the political history of European nation has been closely joined to the misfortunes and disasters of recent German history, chiefly the primary and Second World Wars and their terrible aftermath

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