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trip Belarus in Eastern Europe It has borders with Russia

trip Belarus

Originally a part of Kievan Rus, Byelarus was a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth till the Polish Partitions within the eighteenth century. when over 100 years of Russian rule followed by seven decades as a constituent republic of the Russia, Byelarus earned its independence in 1991.

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However, below authoritarian rule, it’s preserved nearer political and economic ties to Russia than any of the opposite former Soviet republics. Byelarus and Russia signed a accord on a two-state union on eight December, 1999, imaging larger political and economic integration.

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though Byelarus in agreement to a framework to hold out the accord, serious steps towards implementation have seen restricted success. The economy is totally smitten by Russia, and therefore the Belarusian government has taken vitriolic, anti-Western stance.

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The country has not seen abundant structural reform within the past few years. Political and print media activity is tightly controlled. even if the country was the foremost developed republic (excluding the 3 Baltic states) within the former Russia, the country remains united of the poorest and most underdeveloped countries in Europe.

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