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Uniquely reasons for medical tourism boom in Germany

medical tourism boom in


Increase is due Almttrd in arrivals for medical tourism in Germany to many Manalaspab mention some of them to name a few:

medical tourism  in Germany
medical tourism in Germany

1 – global competitiveness for the Federal Republic of Germany in the medical field, which resulted in the German superiority in key sectors of the following:

– Technologies and engineering of medical and technology companies and technology.

– Universities and medical science developed in addition to large budgets to support scientific research and the establishment of T. Almokhtbra medical college hospitals and sophisticated.

– A huge medical infrastructure of hospitals and outpatient clinics and health centers distributed all over the country.

2 – the leading role of the German Tourism Board to promote tourism in Germany, including medical tourism, where Germany has become known as Europe’s pharmacy as a result of the wide turnout for treatment in the German hospitals of all European countries and the countries of Eastern Europe and Persian Gulf countries in particular.

3 – low cost of treatment compared with costs in other developed European countries and the United States and Canada.

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