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Van Gogh Museum , Netherlands , amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum,,,

Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh depository may be a depository in capital of The Netherlands, Netherlands settled within the field of depositorys (Dutch: Museumplein) [1] museum displays the work of the Dutch creative person Vincent van Gogh and his contemporaries. it’s the biggest assortment of paintings and works of van Gogh within the world.

Main exhibition :



Main exhibition within the deposit lists the stages of the lifetime of Vincent van Gogh from childhood through emotional stages of his life till his death. The exhibition highlights a number of the foremost necessary paintings, together with potato eaters and bedchamber at Arles and a series of helianthus paintings yellow background.
The exhibition contains a large kind of works of art of the nineteenth

Theft of the museum’s holdings:

van gogh museum-from above


December 7, 2002 purloined paintings from the works of Van Gogh: in sight of the ocean Scheveningen and therefore the Reformed Church in Nuinn.
On twelve December 2003, was in remission Octave Durham in Espana  was conjointly in remission Henk Besleyn in capital of The Netherlands in 2003 still. And was sentenced to four years in jail and a 0.5 and four years within the April eight, 2005 and was punished $ 350,000 euros.
So far, no paintings ar recovered attributable to gaps Guy Dutch law, and each thieves will Jedaiah possession of the paintings when twenty or thirty years.


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