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welcom to Estonia and is a Baltic state in eastern Europe , Estonia also has sea borders with Finland and Sweden

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After seven centuries of German, Danish, Swedish, Polish and Russian rule, Esthonia earned independence in 1918. Annexed into the state in 1940, it re-gained independence in 1991 through its Singing Revolution , a non-violent revolution that overthrew AN at first violent occupation.

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Since the last Russian troops left in 1994, Esthonia rapt to market economic and political ties with Western Europe. it’s currently one in all the more-prosperous former Communist states, enjoying a hi-tech surroundings, AN open and liberal economy and a clear government system.

EURES Your Job In Europe: Rafael, from Spain to Estonia


On the opposite hand, it’s moon-faced with a reasonably low (but growing) GDP per capita (in a eu Union context), also as a awfully low birth rate, that is making a population decline.

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Between 1991-2007, the country saw fast economic enlargement, leading it to be among one in all the wealthiest and therefore the most developed of the previous Soviet Republics. However, its economy was badly broken throughout the continued international recession, though a lot of recently, it’s been sick quickly. In 2011, the monetary unit was adopted because the official currency.

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