Types of tourism

What is leisure tourism and examples?

What is leisure tourism and examples?
We talked about many kinds of tourism in the world
Now we will discuss about leisure tourism and examples in it
Travel4all was talked about religious tourism 2019 and medical tourism

Leisure tourism

firstly leisure tourism is a vacation and the main target of it having fun

and visiting a leisure places

1-Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Leisure tourism
Leisure tourism

Firstly this place became touristy especially local tourists
There are hand painted ceramics, lanterns, intricately carpets and copperware
Also products took for your attention
You can eat a succulent doner kebab
And strong Turkish coffee

2-Time square, New York city

Leisure tourism
Leisure tourism

There are bright lights inside the huge streets and the vast landscape of the place
Also you can take photographs
and There are also many cafes to enjoy with your friends
You can also easily reach transportation such as subway, taxi and bus
Therefore you must visit time square

3-Las Vegas strip

leisure tourism
leisure tourism

There are many entertainment there and there are hotels that you can stay in
There are spread out areas there and spend a wonderful night time
Plus you can jump on the Ferris wheel, which spans 550 feet
There is also a shopping and entertainment complex 300000 feet square

4-Meiji Jingu shrine, Tokyo

Leisure tourism
Leisure tourism

They built it in more than 100 years to honor Emperor Meiji and Empress Shuken
It is located in Tokyo and surrounded by a sacred forest and in the income of 100 trees
These trees are spread in spring and summer
In the fall spreads Japanese maples and ginkgos
Also in winter you will find black pines

5-Niagara falls

These waterfalls are located along the border between the United States and Canada and out of it there are three huge waterfalls that are six million cubic meters of water
Up to a maximum vertical drop of 165 feet
also These waterfalls are amazing come to tourists from all over the world

6-Disney world‘s magic kingdom , Orlando

firstly It is considered the most famous theme park in the world
and You see many cartoon characters such as Cinderella and the characters of the froze movie
There is a daily parade on the streets and the fireworks are chiseled

7-Forbidden City Beijing

This place is considered to be the center of the cosmopolitan world by tourists from all over the world
Also there are a big chambers and gardens
and Attendees arrive annually to 2.5 million visitors
History lovers are interested in the audio tour offered there

8-Golden gate Park, San Francisco

Leisure tourism
Leisure tourism

Within the park there is a museum and a science academy that includes the wonders of plants
Also the conservatory of flowers , the Japanese Tea gardens and rhododendron forest
And there are more than 75000 trees
Also sports fields and as small herd of buffalo




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