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What is the best tourist attractions in Malaysia?

We will find best tourist attractions in Malaysia
And There are many wonderful places in Malaysia such as wild jungle, granite and remote tribes
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Best tourist attractions in Malaysia

1-Mulu caves

It is considered a national park
And the park includes wonderful caves and karst formations
There are Sarawak cave that is the largest chamber in the world
The big chamber involves 40 boeing 747s without wings

2-Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre

Firstly it was opened in 1964 for rescuing orphaned baby orangutans from logging sites
Also they trained orangutans to survive again
There are many animals lived in the reserve
It is one of the best tourist attractions in Malaysia


These islands are beautiful in Malaysia for budget travelers
It has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches
Also you can practice diving and cheap accommodation
And they found two main islands Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil
Also you can see white sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea


Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands
It is the biggest of the islands in pulau langkawi
There are a white beaches and craggy mountain peaks
Also you can find many choice of restaurants and the best resorts

5-Petronas twin towers

It is still the tallest twin building in the world
And the towers built of reinforced concrete
Also glass facade made of resemble motifs in Islamic art
It considers reflection of Malaysia‘s Muslim religion

6-Mount Kinabalu

It is the highest mountain in bomeo that is 4095 meters
There are a variety of biological species biodiversity
Over 600 species of ferns, 326 species of birds and 100 mammalian species
Also you can climb easily by a person with a good physical
When you climb the mountain, the best you accompanied guides

7-Pulau Tioman

It is situated east coast of a peninsular Malaysia
Also time magazine considered as one of the beautiful island in the world
And the island fills by numerous white coral reefs
it is considered the best place for scuba divers

8-Taman Negara

It is the national park in Malay and the oldest tropical rain forest in the world
This place features a huge trees, jungle treks and waterfalls
Also there are in taman Negara many types for endangered species
As the Asian elephant, tigers, and rhinos

9-cameron highlands

It is one of most extensive hill station
Also it has a population of more than 34000 people
It consists of Chinese , Indians and many ethnic groups
And it is known for tea plantations and guests can book many tea factory




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