Eco tourism

What is the importance of ecotourism?

The importance of ecotourism is spreading all over the world
And the ecotourism is called sustainable tourism
It is a variety of travel practice
You can travel to show respect to nature
Also the ecotourism is ability of environmental conservation
And you can improve the standard of their living
The international ecotourism society is responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environments

The importance of ecotourism

1-ecotourism is valuable for the planet and people

firstly Traveling comes with many experience
And you travel with the personal satisfaction in mind and heart
Also you can help people for living the fulfilling life
There are a local communities do not thrive by industrial means
And offering a touring experience to remember us of nature
And welcoming resident

2-sustainable tourism is an educational experience

If you learn more about the place,you will live in it with more admiration
And you can exchange the information with visitors
You can help the tourist for appreciating the beauty of environment
Addition to visual of attraction
And learning the importance of environment and building
You can discover the unknown places with curiosity
Also you start an important conversation with visitors
And knowing the needs people and desires
Increasing the understanding all people for deal one to another
also You care to the visitors and respect the other culture and different clothes

3-The ecotourism enhancing the economic stability

firstly, Ecotourism raises the level of economic stability
There are people who depend on the environment for their livelihood. Environmental tourism has a negative impact
Because officials build and care about the places where tourists come
and The locals are very frustrated by this
There is economic stability but local people are losing

 4-You become sensitive through ecotourism

There are other types of tourism do not take into consideration the people and animal
These places lose money because they do not care the environment
and They see harmful that consider amusement
You can encourage the eco friendly businesses

 5-Ecotourism reduces carbon footprint

While traveling, you should rent a car or drive while traveling, but eco-tourism provides you with a variety of mobility
Whether walking on foot or watching and discovering the surroundings
Or use hybrid vehicles or buses and are comfortable to travel
We must travel sustainably so that we can save animals from extinction
And also we see the animals moving from the sea instead of love or unfair participation in the demonstrations by force




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