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yosemite virus : World Tourism with yosemite virus

Yosemite tourists exposed to virus

About 10,000 guests to the Yosemite Falls parkland in California could are exposed to a deadly rodent-born virus.

Yosemite tourists exposed to virus
yosemite virus

So far, six cases of the rare hantavirus pneumonic syndrome (HPS) are confirmed – 2 of whom have died – whereas a ‘multiple’ variety of different suspected cases of the rodent-borne sickness ar being investigated.

Yosemite authorities closed down the ‘Signature Tent Cabins’ earlier in the week at Curry Village, a preferred lodging space in Yosemite Falls depression, the holidaymaker centre of the scenic park visited by legion folks per annum.

The parkland Service (NPS) has written to some two,900 folks that set-aside stays within the Boystown space tent lodgings between June ten and August twenty four, alerting them to stay a watch out for symptoms of HPS.

yosemite virus

The Centers for sickness management and bar (CDC) calculable the amount of individuals World Health Organization truly stayed within the tent cabins – people who set-aside and their guests – at ten,000.

‘On August twenty four, 2012, the tents were disinfected and guests were resettled. folks that stayed within the tents between June ten and August twenty four is also in danger of developing HPS within the next six weeks,’ it aforementioned on Friday.

The period of time for HPS is often 2 to four weeks once exposure, with a spread of many days up to 6 weeks.

Yosemite visitors may have been exposed to deadly virus


Two people have already died from the hantavirus, and officials are concerned that 1,700 Yosemite visitors may have been exposed to the deadly disease.


Yosemite hantavirus outbreak: virus kills quickly and cannot be treated, warns disease expert


As six cases of the rare hantavirus pulmonary syndrome are confirmed at Yosemite National Park in the US, Dr Pierre Rollin explains how the virus is spread.

Yosemite Extends Hantavirus Warning As price Rises

* Alert dilated to total of twenty-two,000 park guests

* New warning covers High Sierras camps

* Confirmed cases grow to 8; third death reported (Recasting; adds details, background throughout)

By Ronnie Cohen

yosemite virus
yosemite virus

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept half dozen (Reuters) – falls park doubled the scope of its hantavirus warning on Th to some twenty two,000 guests World Health Organization might are exposed to the deadly mouse-borne sickness because the variety of confirmed cases grew to eight and a 3rd death was reported .

U.S. officers recently plumbed a worldwide alert, language that up to ten,000 folks were thought to be in danger of catching hantavirus pneumonic syndrome when staying at the favored Curry Village lodging space between June and August.

As several as a pair of,500 of these people live outside the u. s., U.S. health officers aforementioned.

Officials area unit involved that a lot of falls guests might develop the respiratory organ sickness within the next month about as a result of the virus might incubate for up to 6 weeks when exposure.

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